Zandashé Brown is an award-winning genre filmmaker born and bred in and inspired by southern Louisiana. A self-proclaimed storyteller, Brown writes and directs stories primarily within the horror genre that showcase her perspective on identity, spirituality, and healing for Black women in the American south.

In 2014, she became a fellow of the New Orleans Film Society’s Emerging Voices Program for emerging directors of color. In 2015, she was recipient of Artless Media’s Magnifying Glass grant and NOVAC’s BetterBR grant for her documentation of the Alton Sterling protests in Baton Rouge titled off the sidewalks, into the streets.

Brown’s narrative directorial debut, BLOOD RUNS DOWN, was one of five projects vetted and funded by the New Orleans Tricentennial Story Incubator Grant. It has since gone on to screen and win awards at across the United States at acclaimed film festivals such as BlackStar, Overlook, Urbanworld, Austin Film Festival, and the New Orleans Film Festival.


artist statement 

I am a Louisiana born-and-bred storyteller drawn to the beauty in tragedy and horror. My work is informed by the southern gothic literary and cinematic movements, as well as the context of my growth into womanhood in rural southern Louisiana.

Originally from the village of Rosedale, Louisiana, I was the first grandchild and raised primarily by the women in my family and community. The stories of these women, my relationships to them, and our shared joys and tragedies inevitably always find a way into my work, which explores recurring themes such as Black matriarchal roles, Afro-diasporic spirituality, and generational trauma and healing.

Having grown up with an interest in and love for genre and the preternatural, I believe horror to be ripe for the exploration of these themes in a new way and intend to be on the forefront of that exploration. I’ve always had an understanding of the Black female experience in particular as something both intensely beautiful and horrifying, therefore one of the most fitting narratives for thematically dense horror.